Best-selling author Micah Solomon interviews Michael Hendrix and Panos Panay about their book, Two Beats Ahead

Micah Solomon is the author of four business bestsellers. His writing is regularly featured on and as well as in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Harvard Business Review, Washington Post, and elsewhere. He also happens…

“Lookout honey cause I’m using technology!”—Iggy Pop

Illustration by R. Michael Hendrix

Jimmy Iovine told us he was taking retirement seriously. Apart from some family investments, the renowned producer and record executive had moved on from music and was focusing on education at both USC and XQ Institute with his business partner Dr. Dre. But…

What rock stars have taught me about my job.

Cut out faces of each member of the band, Garbage, rendered in a style of Andy Warhol
Garbage, illustrated by R. Michael Hendrix

Steve was supposed to be in bright colored lights on stages across the U.S. along with Liz Phair and Alanis Morrisette. Instead, he was on Zoom with me, trying to find a camera angle that didn’t make him look like he was in a witness protection video. A founding member…

What musical collaborations teach us about a hybrid model of work and joy

An illustration made by graphic equalizer sliders with cut-out images of musicians pasted above every other one, representing their contributions to the writing of Beyoncé’s song, “Hold Up”
Beyoncé and 6 of her 15 collaborators for “Hold Up.” Image by ReelSmart, for Two Beats Ahead, by R. Michael Hendrix & Panos A. Panay

Here’s the scene: you, alone, at home, at work. Sometimes it feels like a gift. Sometimes a prison. Whatever it is, vaccines are on the way and there is light on the horizon. In the meantime experts across industries have taken note and are proclaiming a new future of work…

Like a duet or dance, it’s about making your creative partner succeed

The co-authors of Two Beats Ahead, Panos A. Panay and R. Michael Hendrix; photo: Kimberly Panay, 2018

In 2016 I was approached to write a book. I turned it down, only to find myself working on it a year later. The reason was that along with my initial decline, I had pointed the agents to my friend Panos whom I met through teaching at Berklee College of…

An Interview with the Creators of “Improvised Explosive Denied”

I saw faces growing inside faces, trees becoming people, landscapes melting like ice cream, and bodies turning into fruit. Even if this was just the effect of artificial intelligence and not drugs, it was still a head trip. …

How playing other people’s songs can get you through tough times

Artwork for single “Unmade” by R.M. Hendrix

What’s your favorite cover song? You know, a remake? Sometimes they are really bad, but maybe so bad that they’re good? Think: William Shatner singing “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds,” or Pat Boone singing “Enter Sandman.” …

In the electronic era everything can become music, even whales and rocks

Landeyjahöfn by R.M.Hendrix

Iceland and Icelandic musicians have had a deep influence on my own music, beginning with Sigur Rós in 2000 when I first heard their otherworldly album, Ágætis Byrjun, translated to English as, “A Good Beginning”. …

About the songs that influenced R.M.Hendrix’s War Is On Its Way

The author, R.M. Hendrix, posing as a passed out drunk, but instead of a bottle of whiskey, he’s holding a synthesizer
R.M.Hendrix under the influence by Solomon

During Wilco’s tongue-in-cheek song, “Late Greats,” Jeff Tweedy sings about the best song you’ve never heard: “You can’t hear it on the radio / Can’t hear it anywhere you go!” It’s familiar social currency to any pop culture nerd…

How an absurd moment led to the artwork for War Is On Its Way

In 2015 I gave a crash course in record sleeve design to musicians in the SXSW artist lounge. Cheekily named, “I Shot the Serif,” the talk covered the basics of typography, image, metaphor and meaning with musicians in mind. I had seen a rise in DIY artwork coinciding with the…

r. michael hendrix

Author @public_affairs, Designer @IDEO, Lecturer @BerkleeCollege, Boston experimental musician @rm_hendrix. Views are my own.

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